Syndicate News

Umgullian Blob Racing

Umgullian Blob Racing is the mainstay of the Syndicate. What originated as an interesting hobby for many in the outer rim, has turned into a bustling enterprise.

Purchase and train your own blobs, split/breed them, race them, sell them, or if you're feeling brave enough, place your bets on the races. We hope there's something for everyone's tastes.

Credits are managed through your account settings, and like with the lottery, there is no minimum amount for payout.

Finally, the UBS is constantly evolving. If you have suggestions for future events please contact a Blob Admin.

The Syndicate Lottery

One of the highest paying lotteries in the galaxy, Noctis Syndicate sets the initial pot higher than what most lotteries pay out in total.

Take part in our monthly, weekly, and even our sponsored lotteries. Sponsored lotteries can be used for funding boosts for small groups, or as a way for an individual to increase their assets.

Banking is hosted in house, to participate, follow the directions in your account settings to add funds. Once credits are added, purchasing tickets is a simple process.

No credit minimum for payout. Select payout from the account settings when you want your credits transferred to your character.

*OOC Terms: Deceased players cannot transfer credits to a new account or another player. Players found attempting to circumvent this will be banned and reported to SWC Administration.